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Weddings Done Right!

Over 75% of all events we do are weddings, and we pride ourselves in being one of the top-rated wedding dj/mc services in the north state. We treat weddings like the once in a lifetime event they are, and make every possible effort to ensure your wedding runs smoothly. Our emphasis on preparation & in-person consultations sets us apart from the competition as one of the best chico based wedding dj's.



Music for all ages

Weddings often have a wide variety of generations present, causing an array of different musical tastes. We make sure to play hit songs from various generations present at the event, as well as time-less classics that anyone, old or young, can enjoy. 


Dramatic Lighting Packages

In addition to our top-notch DJ services, we also offer some of the best lighting services around. From L.E.D. Up-Lighting that will transform your venue into a visually stunning, elegant and romantic atmosphere to captivating dance-floor effects lighting that will persuade your guests onto the dance floor, we've got you covered!


Clean, Elegant looking Set-Ups

T​ired of seeing ugly, cable-strewn DJ set-ups?

So are we.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our set-ups are clean looking with white speaker stand covers, unobtrusive cabling techniques, and up-kept equipment that we keep in optimal operating & cosmetic condition. 


Professional Ceremony Sound/PA services​

Often times DJ's will use one small speaker & an iPod for a ceremony. We think that's ridiculous.  We use a professional grade, stereo sound system to ensure crystal-clear, even sound coverage. We locate our control station out of sight behind the ceremony seating area, so your guests spend their time looking at the bride and groom, not the sound guy. We also provide a wireless lapel microphone for your officiant, as well as a wireless handheld mic if needed. No ugly microphone stands in the middle of your beautiful ceremony!

Reliable Services you can count on!

We allow extra set-up time on your big day to ensure that if any problems should arise, such as faulty outlets, they can be handled well before the start of your wedding. On average, we arrive 2-3 hours before the start of your event, depending on equipment needed. Additionally, we use only reliable, professional grade equipment. From our Macbook Pro computers to Neutrik cabling to JBL/Crown sound systems, we don't own a piece of equipment we don't trust. Furthermore, we always have on-site backup equipment should any accidents occur.

Ready to book us? Click on the "booking" page for more information. 
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