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 At LJS Productions, our main goal is to provide professional, personalized DJ services that will make your event a fun and memorable experience that guests will remember for years to come. We provide unlimited consultation through email, phone, and even text because we truly care about the outcome of your event. We believe preparation is a key element to an event being successful, which is why we place such importance on in-person consultations and make personalized playlists for every event. These personalized playlists not only take into account the client's desires, but also the wide-range of musical tastes present at events. 



LJS Productions started 6 years ago as a partnership between two brothers, Logan and Justin Steele, which is where the name originated from. However, Justin is no longer an active DJ in an effort to pursue his marketing career. He is still active in the logistics of LJS Productions, but Logan has taken over the performance side of the business as the primary DJ. Logan is also in charge of training new DJ's & lighting engineer's. 

Justin Steele

Logan Steele

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