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"The Essentials" L.E.D. Dance-floor Lighting 

*Great for weddings!*

From the classic spinning mirror ball effect, to modern lighting effects with multi-colored neon beams encompassing everyone on the dance-floor, "The Essentials" lighting package will transform any event into an unforgettable night. The lights are sound-active with built-in microphones so they shift, change colors, and pulse to the beat of the music, giving the illusion that the lights are dancing right there with you! It also includes a laser and blacklight that are sure to impress your guests! Once it's time to slow it down, the lighting then slowly fades colors and is accompanied by the slowly turning mirror ball, accentuating romantic slow dances.

Check out the video below to see exactly what "The Essentials" lighting package looks like.


Included lighting: 2x ADJ Quad Phase, 1 ADJ Galaxian 3D Laser, 1x ADJ UV LED Blacklight

*Fog Machine included


DMX Controlled Premier Lighting 

*Great for school dances!*

Take your event to the next level with our club styled DMX controlled premier lighting package. This package includes everything in the "essentials" package but adds hi-powered black lights, lasers, strobes, and moving head fixtures that truly create an illusion that you're at a high-end night club. Additionally, all of the lighting is controlled via a central lighting board by one of our trained lighting engineers to create a truly interactive light show. Not only does the lighting change to the beat, but it's a unique light show that changes scenes to match the style of music playing, similar to what you see at concerts.


Included Lighting:  (2) ADJ Quad Phase's,  ADJ Galaxian 3D Laser,  1 Multi-Color Shinp Laser, (2) Blue Shinp Sky Lasers, (2) ADJ UVLED Bar16 Blacklights, (2) L.E.D. Strobes, (2) VioScan LED Scanners, & 1 High-Output Fog Machine

*Includes a dedicated lighting engineer & designer

L.E.D. Up-Lighting 

*Our #1 Requested Lighting Option*

Our L.E.D. Up-Lighting package is our #1 requested lighting option simply because it looks, well, amazing. Proper Up-Lighting can truly transform a bland, white-walled room into a romantic, elegant environment that makes a dramatic effect on the look and feel of an event. We use 15 low-profile L.E.D. fixtures that we place around the circumference of the entire room, so everywhere you turn there's Up-Lighting. Since our lights utilize L.E.D. bulb technology, they draw very little power, are incredibly compact, can produce any color of the rainbow, and stay cool to the touch even after hours of use. Our L.E.D. Up-lighting package is all DMX controlled, so not only can we make changes to colors with a touch of a button, but can also make the up-lighting pulse, change colors, and even strobe to the beat of the music once dancing starts.


Up-lighting provides a dramatic look that provides a level of depth & emotion that no other decor can.


Most companies offering Up-Lighting only include 10 fixtures set on one color the entire night, where we include 15 fixtures that are DMX controlled; providing unparalleled control & versatility. 


Lighting Pricing

      NOTE: The pricing for lighting below is only for when in addition to our DJ services.

If you are looking to have just our lighting services at your event, please contact us for pricing.



NOTE: Up-Lighting can be set to any color of the rainbow, these are just a few examples of colors.

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